Chartered Accountant and Business Growth Specialists in Hamilton New Zealand

Our Approach

The Real People In Business

Why work with us?

We are committed to truly make a real difference to your business, lives, improve profits, reduce stress and have some fun in your business.

We are here to help you in all aspects of your day to day and long-term business related procedures and decisions. We are genuine, good listeners, honest in our opinions, trustworthy and if we can’t help you we know someone who can, that’s a fact. We are a person at the end of the phone not just a voice.


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We pride ourselves in your success, because when you succeed so do we.

We take the mystery away - we talk in plain English.

We are real people, just like you

We align ourselves with others who are the best in their field – the best in a referral pool to draw from.

We take the fear and stress away in dealing with the IRD or banks – we stand by you.

You have a dream but don’t know how to get there or don’t know where to start, WE DO.

We apply knowledge through experience to achieve results for you.

Debt collection – we’ll remove the stress and negativity.

Nothing shocks us. We have seen every scenario in business.

You can count on us

We always do what we say.

We provide on-site systems training with you.

Small business, don’t know about the rules and processes around Payroll and PAYE, we can manage this for you

We like to have fun – we offer marketing workshops, client outings, and invites to topical issues clients currently face, newsletters

Networking is important – we provide networking opportunities.

Are you ready to get started?