Chartered Accountant and Business Growth Specialists in Hamilton New Zealand


Find out what all those people have been talking about and get DOTTED!

When is the course?
August 16, 2019
9am to 4pm
Park View Motor Lodge, Hamilton

Numbers are limited, so please book early.
Catch up or get ahead with your communication skills.

What is DOTTING?
This is a fun, fast and very rewarding day tailored to
small business people who deal with staff, clients
and relatives – you’ll never forget.
You work closely with others and you want to be at
your best, so gain a greater understanding of why
those other people do those strange little thingsā€¦

You’ll learn
– Your individual communication style – DOTS
– How to pick other people’s communicative style
– How to communicate in THEIR language
– How to get the best out of them
– Mistakes you may have been making

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