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Workshop: Get employee performance back on track

Dealing with poor performance is probably one of the biggest challenges you will face as a manager.

Managers often resist putting Performance improvement Plans (PIPs) in place; they can seem too complex and time consuming, termination often seems like an easier option. Avoiding Performance Improvement Plans, or implementing them poorly, exposes your business to financial, legal and reputational risk. If done right PIPs are manageable, valuable and hold staff to account.

Come along and learn:

• When to use a Performance Improve Plan (PIP)

• How to identify poor performance and the reasons why

• How to develop and implement a successful PIP

• How to define leadership attributes that support a culture of performance improvement

Who should attend?

Managers and Team Leaders who are responsible for staff and performance management.

More information available here

Please contact Wendy Bright if you would like to attend, its not too late.